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Research Project: Interactive Development

Using an Interactive Design Framework to Develop a Basic Psychological Needs-Supportive Healthcare Intervention

This research project combined learning, psychological, and design theories to synthesize a methodology for creating online interactive interventions. An intervention for breast cancer patients in low-outreach demographics was created as a proof of concept.

A Methodology Document was created that provided instructions for using the selected theories and examples of their implementation in the interactive.

Screenshot of an example for instruction clarity in an interactive application
Researching Topic & Relevant Theories

Topics for preliminary research into the subject of the interactive included: 

  • Breast Cancer Statistics

  • Screening Guidelines

  • Breast Cancer Prognosis

In addition, a survey of relevant theories was conducted to identify important considerations for the creation of an interactive intervention for healthcare.

These theories were compiled into a Methodology Document, along with step-by-step guidance for specific implementations of these theories (e.g.  writing effective learning objectives, ensuring Web Content Accessibility by checking contrast, adding captions to narrated video, etc.) which is available for download below.

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