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Typical Project Timeline

Project Planning


We'll meet to talk about your project, either on a video call, on the phone, or over email. This is where you'll give me the details: your learning objectives and audience, the type of deliverable, your deadlines, and your budget.

The Proposal


I'll write up a proposal based on what we talked about. This will serve as a general scaffold for the project, and will give us both a good idea of each other's expectations! Once we agree on the terms, you'll sign an agreement and I'll begin the project.

Sketch & Review


I'll get to work on researching and brainstorming ideas for the visualization project. I'll send you conceptual sketches that you can review and revise. Ideally most of the revisions happen at this stage - I really want to get the foundations correct before moving on with the project.

Creation of Deliverables


I'll create the final illustrations/animations/etc. Any changes at this stage are ideally minimal - extensive changes during these later stages may come with extra fees.

Delivery of Project


I send over a final stage for review. After approval in writing, I'll send over the necessary files and an invoice to be paid within 30 days. I'll also send you a quick feedback form - this helps me determine how I can improve for my clients, and gives you a space to provide testimonials of my work!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my project cost?

Project costs depend on a variety of factors including complexity, type of deliverable, usage rights, where and how long the project will be used, etc. Reach out to me and we can discuss a quote for your specific project!

Who owns the copyright to a project we collaborate on?

Under U.S. and international copyright laws, the author owns the copyright to a piece of creative work automatically. You can purchase different levels of usage rights when we discuss your project. Here are some examples of usage rights that clients may wish to purchase (from the Association of Medical Illustrators):

  • One-time Print Use: the limited right to reproduce an image only one time in printed form (paper and ink) in North America (English language). Includes the right to use the illustration at the same or reduced size on the contents page and the right to use the illustration in promotion of the publication, but only in the context of the original printed page.

  • Online Rights: the limited right to use the illustration in the Internet edition of the publication, but only to accompany the article or text it supports in the original print edition.

  • Unlimited, Nonexclusive: a grant of rights that permits the buyer use of an image or work across all media types and parameters. A nonexclusive grant does not prevent the illustrator from granting the same rights to other buyers. Unlimited nonexclusive rights may be broad or specifically limited to a media, industry, territory, or time period.

  • Unlimited, Exclusive: a grant of rights that permits the buyer use of an image or work across all media types and parameters. An exclusive grant allows the artwork to be used only by the one buyer. Unlimited exclusive rights may be broad or specifically limited to a media, industry, territory, or time period.

  • Transfer of Copyright: an assignment of copyright ownership in a work from the owner to another party. A valid transfer must be contracted in writing and signed by the owner.

We created a project together in the past, but I want to use it in a way beyond what we originally negotiated. What do I do?

We can discuss renegotiating your usage rights after a project is finished!

I like a project that's already on your website. Can I use it?

Reach out to me! The projects on my website were created for a variety of clients and a variety of purposes. Some of them are usable under creative commons, others are exclusive to the client, and others may be available to use for a fee. Please do not use the images on my site for any purpose without asking - to use my artwork in an unauthorized manner is copyright infringement.

I want to work together on a project that isn't "medical" - do you do that?

Of course! I'm an artist first and foremost - medical illustration is just my specialty. I can visualize pretty much anything for any purpose!  My visualization process is driven by research and storytelling, so if you can dream it we can do it.


I've also done some fun projects in the past that don't involve educational art at all! Band merch (I love making band merch), character commissions, paintings - all kinds of stuff. My art Instagram has a greater variety of art if you want to check it out :)

blood1 - Copy_edited.jpg

"Delilah is one of the top illustrators we've worked with. Incredible detail and conceptualization of health and medical concepts, and great to work with. Delilah was always responsive, receptive to feedback, and so creative. The images produced throughout partnership are absolutely stellar."

- Tibby R.

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