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Breast Cancer Interactive Intervention

Roles: All

As my Master's research project, I created an Interactive Healthcare Intervention for low-outreach groups for breast cancer to learn about the risk factors and screening options. If you want to read more about the development of this project and its accompanying design toolkit, you can check out its Project Spotlight.


The Night Shift

Vesalius Trust Award
Vesalius Trust-A-Thon 2022 Overall Winner
Roles: Pre-Production Team Lead, UI/UX Design, Credits Animation

"The Night Shift" follows Patch, a cellular handyman, around the body of monstrous graduate student Grady Gibbs as he helps various workers around the body with their nighttime repairs. Minigames take you through the processes of bone repair, digestion, memory storage, and immune response. Will Grady wake up refreshed, or will Patch's overnight repairs go all wrong?

A UI layout of game progress and scoring
A UI layout of character introductions
A UI Layout of a feedback screen
Screenshot of in-game dialogue
Screenshot of rooftop gardeining gameplay
Instructions for planter box building minigame
Screenshot of planting minigame

Chicago Grow

Roles: 3D Assets, Illustrations, 2D AnimationUI DesignCoding dialogue
Game characters

Help your new neighbors build a sustainable rooftop garden in Chicago Grow! As you get to know the other people in your apartment, you'll learn about local Chicago gardening tips like getting a subsidized water barrel, which wildflowers are native and which are invasive, and what pollinators enjoy the city. Clean up to create an accessible space, set up composting, and build a raised garden bed in this game about building community.

Roles: Wireframing, Scriptwriting, Sound design

Apparition Kitchen

Screenshot of gameplay

In apparition kitchen, you are a famous ghost chef with a big reputation. You meet five unique characters with unique dietary restrictions, and they all want a taste of your renowned cooking. But be careful - a poltergeist has contaminated your kitchen with allergens. Make sure your kitchen and your ghostly hands are clean enough to avoid contaminating their dream dishes.

Screenshot of in-game dialogue
Preliminary wireframe for the game
Screenshot of in-game dialogue

A Flame Forward

Vesalius Trust Award
Vesalius Trust-A-Thon 2022 Overall Winner
Roles: Pre-Production Team, Scriptwriter

Crafted in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this heartfelt little game explores themes of the big feelings we experience in the wake of disaster. Along your journey you will meet fellow flames who are struggling with isolation, loss, anxiety, and lack of motivation. Make sure you keep some time for self-reflection - it's okay to ask for help yourself!

Anxiety Character

Renal Learn

Roles: 3D Assets & Texturing
Screenshot of gameplay

Renal Learn is a didactic health tool with a rotatable 3D model of the renal system. Within the interactive, users can see and learn about Urinary Tract Infections, Polycystic Kidney Disease, and kidney stones.

Screenshot of gameplay - PKD level 1
Screenshot of gameplay - PKD level 2
Screenshot of gameplay - PKD level 3
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